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Dell 3000 front Cover removed
This Computer has two fans, one for CPU,  Case and Power supply.The Case fan cools the CPU, Motherboard and Harddrive. The Power Supply fan Cools the Power Supply.
I could tell her Computer needed cleaning by the loud noise the  fan made and the front USB connector had a lot of dust. on it(the black retangular shaped box). All noticeable before opening the case.
I just cleaned the dust and dirt as I explained how before (Keep It Clean)
Behind the dust in the above picture is the Hard Drive. The Hard Drive had to get hot with the air flow vents blocked. Causing the Hard Drive to Fail.
The Service Tag
on the back
of your Computer
is important
so don't go crazy
with cleaning  it.
Dell 3000
Dell Clam Shell
If you have access to your computer, you should have a Manual on your hard drive or CD that came with your Computer, and of course most of the time you can download a manual from your Manufacture of your Computer..
Most people don't take the time to read their Manual or even read the Help Files in Windows before calling the Manufacture, Help line or shelling out a lot of Money for some Geek to fix their Computer.Most the time you are to busy trying to make a living. . Today's Computers are Manufactured for Volume sales, Dell or any other Manufacturer  couldn't sale their Computers as cheap as they do, if they didn't sell a lot of them. Keeping the price down means you have to sale a lot, to make it worth wild to make the offer.
Keep Your Computer Clean
To open your Dell 3000 Cover: Pull down latch on back of Computer, then pull side cover back towards you. Do not remove other side with rivets.
To remove front Panel gently
push the two front panel latches as shown the other side will come off by its self.
Make Sure you pull the Electrical Cable from your Computer. Pushing  your Start up Button twice removes any remaining electricity to your motherboard.
Quick and Dirty
Before you re-install your computer cover make sure you didn't loosen or pull out any wires from their sockets.  reinstall the wires you removed to Clean your Computer. The simple test is to plug your keyboard, mouse , and power supply wall socket back in, and turn the computer back on, See if it boot up to Windows or what ever OS you are using. If it does without a problem then Shutdown your Computer again. and reinstall your Printer, Fax, USB, Speakers, ETC. Install your Cover. Reboot and have Fun. On Older Computers with Windows 95, 98 reinstall all your cables prior to Test booting your computer.

I think most of these people just like to talk to someone are voice their opinion  " right or wrong." That's my opinion.
There is a lot of good information on the Forum, however some of the people have screwed up their computers before they even read the  service manual or used the Dell trouble shooter.
Tips For Dell Users
1. Look for your Service Tag on your Computer and go to Dell Support Help (Here) and type in your Service tag. For tips and help.
2. If your Computer is running go to this link for a Dell Support Computer check (here)

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I Just enjoy helping
people like you
after all someone has too.
3. I have found out by asking people " If they leave there Computer on or turn it off after they are finished using it . The answer was, I leave it on.
I think that turning your Computer off if your not going to use it for four or more hours is the smart thing to do, because of the heat, dust, and just plain wear on the Computer parts can cause your Computer to fail. I Turn all of mine OFF if I'm not going to use them for a few hours. Note: If your using Microsoft's One Care sett activation for a day of the week and time, best while your away or asleep, to perform Backup, Defrag, etc.
What's New Here?
When it breaks:
The little Green On & Off switch caused
the Computer to not turn on properly after the new Motherboard was installed
Indicates bad Motherboard
on Dell 3000
Your not alone, over 52.000 of you have made inquires about removing the cover or other for the Dell 3000 . I hope you found your answers here.
Your Computer won't boot up:
This page was last updated: December 5, 2017
Your power supply seems good the green light on the motherboard is on (green).
It could be your ON/OFF switch
I tested mine by removing the On/Off switch motherboard connecter and shorting out two prongs with a screw driver and the Dell 3000 booted up. There is a, risk  you might  cause more Damage . In any case it worth a try if you are thinking about replacing your computer or if you let your warranty run out.
ON/OFF Switch Connector
Note: The risk is yours, you could damage your Computer only try it, if your going to buy a new one. It's a lot of fun.
Malwarebytes is a site dedicated to fighting malware. Malwarebytes has developed a variety of tools that can identify and remove malicious software from your computer. When your computer becomes infected, Malwarebytes can provide the needed assistance to remove the infection and restore the machine back to optimum performance.This is great for removing Unwanted popup, Web Pages, I used it on Clients Computers . It's FREE . If you have a Computer that Teenagers share with you this will help get it going again.  Malwarebytes has a Pro version available for purchase.
Free Software and information on the internet
Many Men and Women have dedicated  their time and money to keep their Web Site up and running, This Web Site alone only cost's me $312.00 a year cash and a few hours of my time provideing updates to it. I don't update this site as much as I would like too, But I  plann on doing it. Let me tell you about myself and why I started this Web Site.

I Started this Web Site  Oceana Commissary.Com about nine years ago, dosen't seem like it's been that long. At the time I was Stocking Frozen Food at Oceana Commissary seven nights a week  362 days a year with NO vacations and working on my other two Web Sites during the day, Your Commissary.Com .

These  Web Sites are dedicated to our Men and Women of the Armed Forces of America , Past Present and well as this one. I receive no Money from advertisements. I only advertise Vendors and Web Sites that I believe at the time to be tustworthy and helpful to you. I started this Web Site for the employees as well as Customers at Oceana Commissary Store in Virginia Beach, VA, after I worked on their Computer so they could help themselfs.
The Furture of these Web Sites depends on my health, I just recently had a operation for cancer and I have been going throught some rough times with the followup treatment. However I am feeling great now and in a few months I will turn 70 yeas old. I would like to add a Dedication for this Web Site to all the Men and  women that have helped others and there are thousands and thousands of them just like me out there that I think you should thank by passing the word about their site and how it has helped you.


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Keep Your Computer Clean
Let it be known to all that visit my Web Sites,
I get pay'ed nothing, for products shown or recommendation where to buy a product..
I know you hate to throw that old Dell 3000 out, but the end of life is near. or is it, look at the visit per year above.

When did you buy your Dell ? My wife bought her's in I think in 2005, however after a few months she use the new one I built for myself.
This counter was started in 2008
Keep Your Computer Clean
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Glary Utilities is the #1 free, powerful and all-in-one utility in the world market! It offers numerous powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.

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Clean your Computer of Malware, Ad-Ware, SpyWare, its easy. Or Just Tune it up. Set back and watch these great programs do their job. Free Downloads.
These are Programs I have used, Tested and Trust.
Free Software and information on the internet
Many People don't want to Fix their own Computer, Because their not sure of what their doing.
Most of the time it's simple with the programs I recommend here on this website, you got to read a little and
setback and relax, and say I can do that. Watch what you download from the Internet. Place it into a folder and do a Virus check, or ad-ware, Malware, check. Most of the time all you have to do is read what your Virus Software will do for you. And most of the time Right click your mouse button and click on the scan file or folder. Many of you that have Cox Cable Or Aol can get the free McAFee Virus protection for three Computers. Or go to Microsoft Security Essentials for a FREE Virus Protection Software.
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After a few years are if you keep your computer unpluged from the wall outlet your PC or Laptop battery will go bad and you will have to reset your Bios information and Date manually.