Last week I sent out an email requesting updates on personal data that is in the Corry Address book. I am not sure that it was completely clear that I wanted you to respond even if you didn’t have updates. What I am trying to do is validate all the information that we have in the address book. Without a return email I do not know whether you received the email or not.  I do have the mailer demons of those that had a bad email. If you could please acknowledge your receipt of this email by providing your current address, telephone, years served on the Corry, and rate/rank.

    Jim Shaftic and Jerry Johnson have spent endless hours creating this database for the purpose of shipmate contact and news. I am just trying to update their information for the list that they provided as it is an extremely cumbersome chore and Jim and Jerry have already put many, many hours into this undertaking. The database is for the benefit of all shipmates and the source of all communications. Please respond as I am trying to make sure that I have this completed to send out the upcoming 2011 Reunion information.

    Thanks to all who have already responded…you may disregard this email.

Bob Cline

President, USS Corry Association

Robert W Cline