USS Corry Chat Room
Fish if you want
Never miss a bite
You can view shipmates that have a webcam.
Like me . stockfree1 or you can see and talk to them if you have a webcam and microphone. I talk and see my brother in Colorado all the time. More Information
Note : you must have the right Website. either one of the two ie . or if your on your ship mates must be on it also, You won't be able to talk to you usless your on the right website. I just  found out doing a test talking to myself . This is just like AOL or other chat rooms.
But more Private for Corry Crew.
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This page was last updated: November 16, 2013
Click on name box back space the name thats there,
then add your screen name .
Click change. Type your message, click submit, visitors will know your on line.
your all set
If you have a picture when you was on the Corry
send a copy via email and i'll post it on this page. Please include your dates aboard the Corry.
Click here to see Sample.

Corry Crew Re-Union Information