Most People that have a webCam or a CamCorder don't use them very much or make good use of them. I found one that you can use and save money at the same time.
It's Called Eyeball Chat. You can talk to your relatives in Indiana, or where ever using your webcam Eyeball chat software and a microphone, speakers or the best way is to purchase a headset with microphone attached, for under $20.
The Eyeball Chat Software is available at . All you have to do is register an download there software and you are seeing your friends or relatives where ever they may be. Some restrictions apply.
To the right is a snapshot I made so you could see what I was talking about. .
The best thing I like about eyeball chat is you can have private chats or visit a chat room. I don't care about chat rooms  that much ,All I see there is a bounch or dudes from various countries that for some reason they can't afford shirts or what ever.

I have found that my use of eyeball chat or any other allows me to be on the internet and talk free to my brother .  Great for the Military Family.
Here is a screen shot of yours truly and  friend talking away many miles apart. Get your free Video Chat from the link below.
This page was last updated on: December 30, 2009
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